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Numb Nuts: The Manscaper’s Pain Relieving Cream

July 13, 2012

Numb Nuts

Male or female, if you wax or laser your hair “down there”, Anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma may be your new best friend.  Drawing from her professional experience with local anesthesia – and a less-than-postive experience with Brazilian waxing – Dr. Ma has formulated a highly effective, pre-wax prep protocol that numbs your naughty bits and makes hair removal far more…well, it’s never really going to be pleasant, is it?!

BareEase & Cream Pre-Wax Prep Kit

BareEase & Cream and Numb Nuts are on sale at gloss48 starting Monday, July 16th at 11am ET / 8am PT.

We caught up with Dr. Ma to ask her some burning questions about her numbing products.  She is the inventor of BareEase & Cream and Numb Nuts.  You may recognize her from the Fall 2011 season of Survivor.

Q.  What made you decide to create BareEase & Cream?

A few years ago, a friend suggested that I get a Brazilian bikini wax. Sure! I’ll try anything at least once! I was shocked that it was so (unnecessarily) painful!!!

As a board-certified anesthesiologist, I managed people’s pain on daily. I knew there was a better way to numb the skin!

That was my ah-ha moment! I knew if I was having pain from bikini waxing, other women, like you, were also having pain! So I took my experience from numbing a child’s skin prior to placing an IV and modified that into a bikini panty prep-kit. This is how, BareEase was created! Now you don’t have deal with the pain of waxing anymore! My unique blend of numbing cream also helps soothes and moisturizes your sensitive skin in your most intimate areas, leaving you silky soft and smooth. Beauty can be ouch-free!

Q. We know that you were on Survivor this past fall.  Would you rather live one more day on Survivor Island or suffer through a wax without using BareEase & Cream?

Tough question! Both are painful, but in different ways! Between those two choices, I would have to say I would rather do another day on Survivor Island!

Q. What is the craziest question you have been asked about BareEase & Cream or waxing in general?

I had a customer ask me if BareEase could be used on her 2-year-old daughter! I recommended that they see a pediatrician for their concerns.

Q. What is your take on Manscaping?

It’s about time men are proactive with their grooming! I know men are groom, like Steve Carell’s character in “the 40-year-old virgin.” It’s definitely a growing trend! And I’m happy about that!

So readers, how do you feel about Manscaping?  What are you crazy waxing questions?

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  1. August 19, 2013 5:31 pm

    I Googled the product, and there were more links for the same thing being used for pain free tattooing. Good to know.

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