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Brush Up! | Interview with Makeup Artist Samantha Chapman + Diva Lashes How To

July 6, 2012

Diva Lash Look | Real Techniques

We’re all a little lost sometimes when it comes to makeup. We love this brush line because it comes with an instruction manual! Sam Chapman’s videos have 40 million+ views because she makes it easy for the at-home-artist to recreate looks for every occasion.  Visit the Real Techniques website for step-by-step tutorials like summer makeup solutions, bridal looks, and butter fl*eyes.

We asked Real Techniques a few burning questions – including Sam’s current favorite looks and videos.  Could be our brush with destiny!Real Techniques | High Tech Brushes + How To's

Q.  What sets Real Techniques apart from other makeup brush lines?

With Real Techniques, you get more than just an amazing brush: you also get access to a digital community of daily makeup education and beauty inspiration.  We help every woman reveal her inner expert.

Q.  You have built an amazing business.  Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs who are considering starting a beauty business?

Sam says, “Do it now!  The beauty industry is booming. Every week I hear about a new brand or product launch. It is an exciting time for everyone involved.”

Q.  We know you are always putting our new video tutorials.  What is your most popular video?  What is your favorite video?

The “core collection” tutorial is the most popular Real Techniques video, and one of Sam’s personal favorites is the Diva Lash.

Click here to watch Sam’s Diva Lash Inspired by Adele

Q.  What do you see as the next trends in beauty?  What are your favorite beauty trends?

Sam loves make-up looks based on 1930s glamour: they are so elegant but also slightly theatrical.

Q.  Ok, we have to ask.  We know you have worked with lots of models and celebs.  What’s the craziest thing they have done around you?

We’ll pass on this one for their sakes.  🙂

Real Techniques makeup brushes are on sale a starting Monday, July 11 at 11am ET / 8am PT.

As promised!  Sam’s famous Smokey Eye Tutorial!  You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to watch Sam’s Modern Smokey Eye Tutorial

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