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Natural Brows How To | Celeb Brow Guru Brett Freedman

June 30, 2012

Before + After Brows

Sometimes it seems like your brows are your arch enemy.  Make those arches golden again with Brett Freedman’s tips to regain a natural (and oh-so-trendy) brow!  We found this article from New Beauty magazine and had to share!

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Fall’s biggest brow trend
by Brett Freedman, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Owner of Vanitymark

I’ve got one word for you, ladies: fuller. Fuller brows are back. Why is that good news? Because there’s less upkeep! Not to say you can hang up your tweezers, but a looser, less fussy brow is the way to go. We’re not talking Brooke-Shields-in-the-80s full, but darn near close. The difference is a bit of tailoring. You want your hairs to be ample, but a polished ample.

The very sculpted brow is a bit overplayed now-not to say it doesn’t have its place. I’d say the very shaped brows we’re used to seeing are the new classic. Kinda like hair with a lot of body, a structured brow is generally universally flattering. What’s hot now, though, is something a little less tamed, something a little naughty.

So, how do you bridge your current brow into today’s hottest arch? If you’re ready to grow out your brows, here’s my advice…


1. Assess: Before you put on any makeup, brush up your brows and assess what they look like.

2. Envision: Really imagine the hairs where you would allow them to grow in. Think in rows: “I’m gonna grow in one row here, two rows here,” and so on. As a rule, most gals won’t need to grow much in the arch. That should always be cleared.

3. Clean: You’ll want to go with a very basic cleanup. Between the eyes, above the brow and those little cobweb-like hairs that grow toward the temples and underneath, but low, toward the crease of the eyelid. Anything really out of the realm. Get yourself a good pair of tweezers. (Insider tip: Take your tweezers to be sharpened once a year. You can go to the same place that sharpens your kitchen knives-that ‘s what I do!)

4. Fill in: After a couple weeks you’ll notice tiny hairs growing in. To ease this in-between stage, choose an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill out the brow and downplay the re-growth. Choose a shade in pencil or powder that is a shade lighter than your hairs. This is very important to look natural and keep the face looking soft and open. I love my Vanitymark Ultra-Brow Powder, used along with an angled brush to contour and define in a subtle, buildable way.

5. Hold: Once you’ve created a more flattering, fuller brow, it’s time to make the most of the hairs by using a bit of brow gel to push the hairs up and out, making them appear more ample and adding a bit of hold to keep them that way. Gals with light brow hairs should choose a tinted brow gel to deepen brows and give them ‘pop’.

So, there you go! The most challenging part is patience. My pro observation is that you’ll start to see re-growth within a week, and your new very-now brow will be grown in after about four weeks. Now that isn’t as bad as you thought, right?

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