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High Brow | VANITYMARK Eyebrow Products Review + How To

June 27, 2012

Brett Freedman, VANITYMARK Founder + Celeb Brow Doc Arches Vanessa Hudgens

Thanks to LA-based makeup artist turned make-up designer, Brett Freedman, women are seeking fuller brows and finding a way to get them. If you are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you can visit his newly opened Brow Bar for the OCD brow sculptress & eyebrow shaping-impaired, or if you live further away, you can order Brett’s Vanitymark products from the comfort of your own home!

Sami Ramage | A Glimpse of Glamour


I was very lucky to receive a few products in the mail to test out- and I must say, for a half-Asian girl with very thin eyebrows, I am in LOVE! The first product that I have to rave bout is the Ultra Brow Tweez, which has is double sided for getting every hair, long or short, that is growing on your face. I have been asked before if I shave my eyebrows? (I think because of the short nubs growing back in after plucking) and with these bad boys, I can nix anything sprouting up before it can even think about growing out. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you can get rid of the hair without literally pulling your hair out!

Vanitymark Ultra Brow Tweez

VANITYMARK | Art of the Modern Brow is on sale at gloss48 starting Thursday June 28 at 11am ET / 8am PT.

I also received the Ultra Brow Pencil & Ultra Brow Powder which allowed me to properly create the “Vanitymark brow [which] has the highest arch possible, full, but never dark or obnoxious.” Although I am wearing bangs right now, I still think it is important to draw on my brows and frame my face properly for the day. You never know when that sudden gust of wind or sneeze may blow my bangs out of place, exposing my brows for all to see!

Sami Ramage | A Glimpse of Glamour in Vanitymark

Now, the only missing piece of the eyebrow puzzle is the Ultra Brow Angle/Spoolie Brush & Brow Glaze, which I feel would give my brows a more finished look. If you watch Brett Freedman’s tutorial video, he uses the spoolie brush + hairspray which is another great trick to use in the mean time!!

Happy Brows-ing!

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