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Block Island Organics Sunscreen Review | Beauty on a Budget

June 21, 2012

We’re not the only fans of this safe, loveable suncare line!  Check out Beauty on a Budget blogger Chris Carroll’s glowing review below!

Block Island Organics

“I have been a sun loving person since I was a kid. I never used sunscreen as a child or teen and it was not until just recently I started using some sun blocks that are not chemical based. My son is a swimmer and has been in the sun his whole life too and rarely uses a sunblock. That probably is not the best thing in the world, so I wanted to try some different sunscreens that my son can use while swimming. I am pleased to bring you a organic mineral sunscreen that is not chemical based that our family will use.

Block Island Organics is a chemical free sunscreen line inspired by their home in the smallest town in the smallest state, Block Island, Rhode Island. Here is what Block Island Organics have to say about their product: “Our spa has been an “Eco Spa” since 2007 (Go Green!!) so we believe in putting cosmetics, creams, lotions and the like on our bodies that contain only stuff that’s good for us.

I was sent a tube of the Organic Mineral Sunscreen SPF 16 to try. This is a non-toxic mineral sunscreen that is ultra-light, water resistant, absorbs instantly and leaves no thick white residue. This is a Vegan formula and Paraben free. I was able to get outside for a bit this weekend and I used the sunscreen on my face and arms. It is lightly scented with white grapefruit and very pleasant. I like how it is a semi-thick cream, not a paste. It is not hard to rub in and it indeed leaves no white junk to try and rub in. The cream absorbed quickly and felt great! It also left my skin slightly moisturized and feeling nice too. It also did a good job of blocking the sun for the time I was out there.

As an SPF 16 this will be a perfect addition to a makeup routine and daily use if I am out in the yard working in the garden and such. My son has the tube in his swim bag for meet days when they are sitting in the sun waiting for their heat. With the heat of the spring and summer yet to come, I know that he will be glad to have this to apply to his face, chest and everywhere else he is most vulnerable. I love that this is a chemical free, natural sunblock and that will not aggravate my skin or cause issues. I personally have a problem lathering some things on my body that should not be there.”

To read the rest of her review, click here!

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