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Best Kept Secret Beauty Brand | Skin, An Apothecary

June 15, 2012

Skin, An Apothecary

Skin, An Apothecary has a cult following – and for good reason!  Here’s the Skin(ny):

The company was started about 25 years ago by Candace Goldflies, who was apparently quite a character (described as a “hoot” – pretty sure I would have adored her).  Over the years, her niece Iris worked with her and then took over the company.  They take an artisinal approach to everything they produce – handcrafting each product and scent with the very best ingredients and amazing blended scents.

My favorite product is the Soy Body Whip – an enormous tub of light, non-greasy moisturizer that beautifully absorbs into the skin.  I am partial to the Aquamarine scent because it’s clean and fresh, but that could be my pregnancy talking!  Yeah, I am whipped!

Skin, An Apothecary products normally retail for $26-27, but they are on sale for 40% off at starting Monday, June 18th at 11am ET / 8am PT.

In addition to a strong of celeb following the beauty blogger world has also discovered and, subsequently, worshipped these amazing products!  Pretty in Dayton adores the soy body whip: “I have NEVER had a body lotion that when I put it on kept my skin feeling hydrated for HOURS!”  Click here to read the rest of her glowing review of Skin’s Soy Body Whip and Sugar Glow.

Skin, An Apothecary Sugar Glow, Soy Body Whip & Salt Glow

We first heard about Skin, An Apothecary from Candace Evans, makeup artist and owner of The Candy Bar in Weston, MA.  Candace is one of a few beauty advisors I trust implicitly.  Her store offers a highly curated selection of her absolute favorite beauty brands – and well worth a trip if you’re in the Boston area!  Watch Candace review and explore the line:

Have you tried Skin, An Apothecary?  What is your favorite scent?

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