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Best Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard Of | Interview with Cult of Pretty

June 5, 2012

Ann Colville Somma | Cult of PrettyAnn Colville Somma’s blog Cult of Pretty is all about the best beauty products you’ve never heard of.  We were smitten at first sight!  As an innovation consultant, makeup artist, and Lucky Mag nominee for Best Beauty Voice, Ann is a wealth of knowledge about great, indie brands.  We love her because she takes on beauty with a sense of humor – a stark contrast to the celebre-tween or soft/feminine tones of most beauty writing.

We caught up with Ann to ask a few, burning questions.  Of course, you can ask her questions anytime at

Q. What are your top 3 beauty products we’ve never heard of?

Kirna | Sprout | Real TechniquesThe Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques – best multitasker ever; Kirna by Kirna Zabete – a great fresh, clean fragrance; Sprout face cream – can’t live without it

Q.  What do you think are the most impressive beauty technology innovations of the past few years?

Clinique Even Better really works!  And the Clarisonic is impressive in its simplicity… a giant toothbrush for your face, who knew it would feel so good?

Q.  You offer product advice on your blog.  What’s the most entertaining beauty question you have ever received?  What was your response?

People ask for advice specific to their hair style or facial features but don’t send a pic, that’s always challenging!  I don’t like to guess though!

Q.  What is your favorite online how-to beauty video?

The gal from the band Karmin has an amazing curling technique – life changer.

Q.  What are your favorite beauty trends?

Heavy brows, intense manicures, pompadours for the ladies.

Q.  Which beauty trends are you ashamed to admit that you once attempted?

I’m shameless.  Give me a cat’s eye sticker, some nail decals and some at-home tanner and we’re off to the races.

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