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DIY Hair | Best Online Hair How-To’s

May 31, 2012

Julie Q | JQ Loungeby Guest Glossist, Julie Q | JQ Lounge

Summer is finally approaching, and what better way to say hello to sunshine and poolside parties and events than a few gorgeous hairstyles that you can actually do yourself! Am I the only one who would find a great DIY hair video, but then the second it’s up to me to actually try it out on myself, would need about 3 extra hands (and a couple glasses of wine) for it to look remotely like the video??

Fear not, these videos have been JQ tested and approved.


The first is the classic ‘curl’ DIY video. I have straight thick hair, and have never been able to pull off the elegant curl (that would stay for more than 1 hour with all the hairspray in the world). This simple method makes you shocked you had not tried it that way already. Tip: wash and blowdry your hair the night before- if your hair is too clean the curl will fall out sooner than later.

Flat Iron Curls:

The reason I love flat iron curls is because if you are on a weekend getaway, you save some room in your luggage if you only have to pack a little flat iron for your hair.. so one night you can style your hair straight, and then the next day rock some gorgeous curls all while using the same tool. Definitely practice this method once or twice before an event.. but once you’ve got it down, you’ll never forget how to do it!


This Bohemian Twist is perfect for daytime and you will be shocked at how easy it is. I tucked the braids into a little twist afterwards [as shown in the video] and got so many compliments that day!

Side Pony:

Side PonyIf you can pull off a side pony, you can take over the world. This particular look spotted on Marion Cotillard at Cannes Film Festival last weekend was beautiful and a perfect way to keep you cool and refreshed when the humidity is unbearable. What started off as a simple braid in the back was just brought to the side behind her ear and secured with some bobby pins.

[photos: getty images]

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