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Natural Perfumes | Eco-Friendly with Benefits

May 30, 2012

Rich Hippie PerfumesIn the immortal words of Daily Candy, “Your relationship with Mother Earth?  Eco-friendly with benefits.”  That’s my approach to natural fragrance.  While I love the idea of pure, responsibly-sourced ingredients, I also have to LOVE the fragrance.

Thankfully, Rich Hippie has found a way to create sophisticated, exquisite scents that are ALSO organic.  Rich Hippie sources organic ingredients from all over the world and then crafts each scent with perfect, artisinal composition.  The company uses extracts from organically-farmed plants and flowers from all corners of the world including Davana from India, Rose from Bulgaria and Turkey, Vanilla from Madagascar, Citrus from Brazil, spices from east African and Orris from Albania.  Yeah – I’m impressed.

So what are the benefits of natural fragrance?

  • Peace of Mind.  At the end of the day, we’re not entirely sure about the effects of some of the synthetics ingredients used in mass-produced perfumes.  Natural blends tend to be more honest and authentic (“notes of jasmine” means it actually contains jasmine flower!).
  • Artisan Craft/Devotion.  In many ways, it is more challenging to work with natural ingredients than synthetics.  As a result, natural perfumers tend to be incredibly passionate about their composition, producing small, nurtured batches, and the result is a more thoughtful blend.
  • Supporting Organic Farmers.  ’nuff said!
  • Personalization.  One role of synthetics in fragrance is to promote the stability and consistency of the fragrance from person to person.  Natural fragrances tend to interact with body chemistry and therefore may linger differently from person-to-person.  Natural scents truly give you the opportunity to develop your signature scent.

According to Rich Hippie founder Nannette Pallrand, “By eliminating all the harmful chemicals that dominate most perfumes on the market today, a woman smells pure and beautiful which is truly the essence of being a woman when you think about it.”  We couldn’t agree more!

Find your signature scent!  Shop Rich Hippie perfumes on gloss48.  Event starts Friday, June 1, 11am ET / 8am PT.

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