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gloss48 Gift Picks | Primal Elements

May 28, 2012

Primal Elements is raising the (soap) bar on good, clean fun.  Team gloss48 loves the smile-inducing line because their creative and fun candles, soaps, and body care make fabulous gifts.

You can find all of these goodies at fabulous prices on gloss48 during the Primal Elements Event, starting Wednesday, May 30th 11am ET / 8am PT.  Don’t make me get on my soap box!

Here’s the (soap) dish on our gloss48 gift picks from Primal Elements:

Vintage Icon Candle | Chandelier

For the Fashionista: Vintage Icon Candles

These bedazzled beauties come in four, vintage Parisian designs: chandelier, dress form, topiary, and birdcage.  Our pick is the chandelier, which has a delicious, spun sugar scent.  The candles burn for 50 hours, but your fashionista can always repurpose the bejeweled jar when she’s done!

For the Cute and Quirky (Zooey Deschanel-type): Aromatic SoapsRainbow Soap

Primal Elements is known for their funky, fresh soaps.  They come in a kajillion styles and scents.  Our favorite is this rainbow number, scented with bright citrus, melon, and fresh mint.  It’s the perfect feel-good product!

Grapefruit Sugar WhipFor the Mom Who Needs Some Pampering (Is that redundant?): Sugar Whip Body Scrubs

This super moisturizing, decadent body scrub comes in an gift-ready bedazzled container.  Our pick is the grapefruit scent, a sweet, but light citrus that lingers without being too perfume-y.  Mom will appreciate a little extra pampering in the shower!

For the Graduate’s New Apartment: Counter Culture Hand SoapsCoral Ginger LotionCoral Ginger Hand Soap

Counter Culture hand soaps and lotions provide instant decor to any kitchen or bathroom – .  Our fave is Coral Ginger, with notes of cyclamen (floral), white ginger and sultry vanilla.

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