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Eve Echo: Join Hands to Create an Echo Effect

May 23, 2012

Make a difference!  Shop Eve Echo Natural Soaps and Hand Sanitizers on gloss48. 

Event starts Thursday, May 24 11am ET/8am PT.

Eve Echo Hand SanitizerEve Echo brings us natural, luxury hand sanitizers and soaps in crave-worthy scents like pomegranate peppermint, lavender vanilla, and our g48 personal favorite, sweet mango.  We love her hand sanitizers because they don’t smell like alcohol, but they still take care of 99.5% of germs. As an added bonus, the bottles are beautiful and refillable!  You can purchase refills on

Watch our gloss48 Eve Echo Hand Sanitizer Demo.

Eve Echo FriedmanWe also love Eve Echo because the company lends 100% of net profits to Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), a microfinance agency.  FINCA provides small ($50 loans) to impoverished women around the world to help them start local businesses and achieve financial independence.  For such a small investment, the program has an incredible impact on the women, their families, and their communities.

The following is one of FINCA’s many success stories: Prossy Mukisa

Prossy MusikaProssy Mukisa supports her four children and her parents with the income she earns from her music shop, where she rents out instruments and hires out musicians for parties and other functions in Kazinga. Prossy is determined to give her children an education so they can seek opportunities she was never able to after her father took her out of school and married her off at age 12 to collect a dowry for the family.

Nothing—not even her HIV status—can derail Prossy’s ambitions.

For years, Prossy dreamed of starting her own business. She saved what she could while working at a local bakery. In 2004, she quit her job and proudly opened her own grocery store.

Her confidence was shattered when her husband left her and married another woman, leaving her to raise their four children and care for her parents. When he lost his second wife, he returned to Prossy and she took him back, unaware that he was HIV positive and would soon infect her. In ill health, she was unable to expand her business.

In May 2005, however, Prossy’s life took a more hopeful turn. She learned about FINCA from a friend and joined the Kazinga Village Bank. With her first FINCA loan of 100,000 shillings (US$50), Prossy transformed her business into a music store and began buying instruments to rent out to musicians and for events. Over time, her store thrived. To finance her growth, she has increased her borrowing to one million shillings (US$500). Prossy now employs three young men whom she hires out to play at local parties and other functions.

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