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Living Proof | A Scientific Approach to Hair

May 22, 2012

by Guest Glossist, Najeema | A Stylized Hysteria

Najeema | A Stylized HysteriaCambridge, Mass. It’s a fantastical place filled with some of the best and brightest in the country. And what are all these big brains working on? Giving you good hair.

As someone with (formerly) super curly hair that’s now kind of curly but also straight but definitely frizzy and in need of help, I’m so happy that there is a team of hardcore scientists committed to using the newest findings in chemistry, medicine, and technology to give us all gorgeous locks. Equally appealing, Living Proof’s philosophy is “truth in a bottle,” rather than “hope through advertising” (ahem, Pantene).

Living ProofFounded in 2005, Living Proof is chockfull of the type of people you want working on your hair woes. Seriously. We’re talking about Ph.D.’s from MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern University involved in every aspect, from the creation of the products to the oversight of the board. I might not be impressed by fancy cars, but show me a room full of smarty-pants working to make me look good (as opposed to a group of marketers looking to sell me a on a product), and I go weak in the knees!

No FrizzThey offer five different lines to attack the most common hair problems: Hold, No-frizz, Full, Straight, and Restore. I became a fan of the brand after trying their no-frizz line (shampoo, conditioner, and styling crème) a few years back. The conditioner was outstanding- thick and pleasantly lemon scented. And yes, my hair was much less frizzy, and much shinier, when I used it. Now that I’m torturing my hair into soft waves (after blow-drying straight!) the restore collection is calling my name.

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