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Interview with Stephanie Johnson, Queen of Cosmetic Cases and Order-Obsessed Modernist

May 21, 2012

Stephanie JohnsonTravel in Style with Stephanie Johnson’s Cosmetic Bags
Event Starts Wednesday, May 23rd at 11am ET | 8am PT on

Stephanie Johnson has translated years of travel experience into super-functional and chic travel bags.  Her cosmetic bags are so beautiful, it’s a shame they end up hidden in our purses!

Q.  We know you travel a lot.  What are you favorite destinations?

You can’t beat the heat or the food in Tel Aviv, and Hawaii is always a favorite. I love getting off the plane in Maui and pulling a tuberose lei overhead. Instant vacation.

Q. Where is the most exotic place you have ever spotted one of your bags?

Hmmm. Well I’m not sure Maui counts as exotic anymore, but I have spotted them poolside and I’ve seen them pulled from a handbag in a ladies bathroom in Cambodia.Stephanie Johnson Lima Pink Pouches

Q.  What are the travel beauty essentials you carry in your cosmetic bag? 

I’m never without tweezers and nail clippers! YSL mascara and NARS lip gloss in Orgasm, Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer in SPF 30 and my Focus Daily disposable contact lenses (because a girl has to see!)

Q. It seems like everyone has a secret travel trick when they forget their most coveted beauty items.  What are yours?

Sorry but I’m way too Type A to forget my besties! A prepacked Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic bag under my sink assures it.

Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bag GoldQ.  Which celebs have you spotted toting your bags?

My bags are always discreetly tucked into a handbag so unfortunately it’s a big secret. However recent photos courtesy of US Weekly have shown Emily Proctor, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Grey toting Stephanie Johnson.

And I was recently shopping in C.O. Bigelow and had a chat with Mary-Louise Parker who was perusing the SJ selection there. Love her!

Q.  What was your biggest travel beauty mishap (We’ve all had self tanner explode in our bags, right?!  Right?!)?

My eye make-up remover never travels well. Despite a secure closure it still manages to empty completely in my bag. Not exactly a disaster but a serious nuisance!

Self tanner? Never heard of it. Seriously!

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