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Jennifer Hardaway | Entrepreneur, Scent Junkie and Owner of KleanSpa Bodycare

May 18, 2012

Jennifer Hardaway, Owner KleanSpaThe gloss48 KleanSpa event starts Monday, May 21st at 11am ET | 8am PT.

Jennifer Hardaway is the owner and formulator of KleanSpa, a line of high quality, affordable skin care with a focus on keeping fragrances unique and ingredients natural.  She’s also just an all-around awesome person who is always working on creative projects.

For those of you who have considered launching your own beauty line, read on!  Jennifer is a shining example that, while it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, it’s fun and rewarding.

Q.  What made you decide to launch KleanSpa?

Originally I launched KleanSpa as a business decision. I wanted to have a company that could have repeat customers. I learned that was called a consumables business. But that is a truly boring reason to start a business…LOL…

I am naturally a somewhat creative person. I have always made things and sold them and created products with ease. This was just an extension of what I do naturally, but in a different medium. I backed into this business from a business decision, and found that my passion had always been in perfume oils. I have worn them since I was around 12 and have never stopped.

Now I have the ability to create anything I want at any time and I am designing custom fragrances for my customers as well. It’s a very intimate thing to create a special scent for someone. I found my passion and love what I do and am grateful to do it everyday!

Q.  What advice do you have for others considering starting their own beauty companies?Beach House Sugar Body Polish and Body Butter

To coin an already taken branding phrase, Just Do It. Research what you want to do, get connected with others in the field, but don’t over think it. Once I had the idea, I dove in head first. If it’s you passion, it won’t feel like work!

Q.  We know you are a scent junkie.  What is your favorite scent at the moment?

That’s a polite word for what I am…(scent whore …:-). Right now, I am in love with a scent that I made for someone. It has White Amber, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Amyris, Dirt, Sandalwood and Fresh Grass. It’s a very fresh scent but warm on the dry down. My KleanSpa go-to scents are Fig N’ Fern and Vanilla Sandalwood!

Q.  We love your hu-MAN-ity line for men.  What’s your stance on male grooming habits?

Thank you! I love it too! My stance when I was creating it was to offer something easy for men to relate to. I wanted it to be tongue and cheek (no pun intended) and funny. I am not all about the manscaping necessarily, but I AM about a clean, fresh-smelling guy!

Q.  What’s next for KleanSpa?

We have many ideas! Some of them already in the works…Mobile Mixtress ( It’s a travelling scent blending party service. Folks can hire us for their party and we come to the site and design custom scents for their guests. We launched it in May 2011.

We also have a hush, hush, brand we are launching, but it’s just at the natal stage and we are very excited!

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