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P!NK’s Makeup Artist on Beauty, Cosmetics, and (of course), Celebs

May 16, 2012

Celeb makeup artist Yvette Beebe has rocked the worlds of our most worshipped divas.  After years of touring with P!NK, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and many others, Yvette created her own line of beautifully crafted cosmetics.  Let’s just say…they rock.

Check out Yvette’s cosmetics line on gloss48.  The event starts this Friday, May 18th at 11am ET | 8am PT.

Click here to watch a video on an easy, 3-step eye using Yvette Beebe Cosmetics.

Q.       How did you end up being a makeup artist to the stars?

Talent and Tenacity – Seriously I started with movies (my first one for free and then it was all word of mouth from there), then commercials and then a music video with Janet Jackson opened up my door to World Touring with her in 1998 then onto others..It was all dot to dot one thing led to the other.

Q.       Which celebs have you worked with?

Celebrities: P!NK, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Janet Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Luke Wilson, Jack Black, Aishwarya Rai etc…I have also toured with CHER, Tina Turner, working with the band and dancers.  All of the celebs I have worked with have worn Yvette Beebe Cosmetics, plus some others who have worn it through other makeup artists: Madonna, Kate Hudson, Tara Reid, Rosalyn Sanchez and more…

Q.       What is your craziest encounter with a celeb?

P!NK had an American Idol performance and I just finished doing her makeup in her home and she asked if I wanted to ride with her. She drove us there and on the way she pops in a cd and she tells me how these are songs she wrote but will probably never make it on an album and then she starts to sing to one of the songs and it was the most beautiful songs I have heard. It was very surreal and a beautiful moment to have a front row seat (literally) to an amazing artist. There are many more…

Q.       What motivated you to start your own cosmetics line?

I started my makeup line understanding the need in the market cosmetics for women: blending great colors with wonderful ingredients.  I then created a line with beauty and beat…hence the music-related names of my product colors.

Q.       What is your favorite, new beauty trend?

I love bronzer for summer think of the letter E on the face. I love the way it contours and adds a healthy flush to face and body. The healthiest way to tan!

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