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Dinner with Anna Wintour at Long John Silver’s

May 12, 2012

Laura Bronner | gloss48

Laura Bronner | gloss48

Stephen Colbert interviewed Anna Wintour the other night on The Colbert Report.

Stephen: Well I don’t really trust Prada…because, my understanding is, the devil wears Prada.

Anna: That movie was so last year.

I could just stop there and tell you to watch the video, but that’s not even the best part!  Toward the end of the interview, Stephen Colbert suggests that the two of them, he and Anna, go to Long John Silver’s for french fries…and she accepts!

I would find it entertaining to watch Anna Wintour eat french fries (like watching animals in human clothes).  Watching her eat french fries at Long John Silver’s would be mind blowing (like watching animals karaoke in human clothes)!

Watch | Anna Wintour on Stephen Colbert

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