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We’re Moving On Up to!

October 18, 2013

pink-corvetteLadies, it’s finally time! We’ve packed our bags, launched the new site, and moved all these pretty little blog posts over to their new home at! We are writing new posts there every single day now, and they are bigger and better than ever before.

It’s not goodbye–it’s see you at! Go check it out now! Seriously. Now. Go!

Stop reading this! Why are you still reading this? Your Beauty Playground awaits! See you there!

BareEASE + Shark Tank + Gloss48 = Match Made in Hairless Heaven

October 16, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Let me start off with a highly-relevant Glossy Gram. (Spoiler alert: this quote no longer has any truth to it, thanks to an amazing new invention!)

glossy grams13

Now, let’s rewind. We are kind-of obsessed with the Shark Tank here at Gloss48 (because, ahem, we have a passion for awesome start-ups like THIS ONE), so imagine our excitement when we found out that one of the brands we’ll be offering ON SALE at Gloss48 on Monday is also scheduled to appear on the show this week!

This genius brand is called BareEASE, and their goal is to make bikini waxes virtually ouchless. Um, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this day . . . well, ever since I started getting bikini waxes.

Think about it. We sweat, we squirm, we pant; sometimes we even scream. The experience is nothing less than hellish, but now we have BareEASE, a hairless angel sent from heaven. Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma has developed a safe, effective numbing cream and a handy latex panty to ensure that you absorb every drop without ruining your clothes.

Beauty is pain? No longer the case, my friends. It’s about time we put that dated phrase to rest!

bareease on sale promo

We’ll also be featuring Dr. Edna Ma’s Numb Nuts Cream, which is specially designed for men. Now, manscaping is a personal choice. We at Gloss48 are not judging. That said, if you are going to Manscape, you might as well do it pain-free, right? One of our founders, Laura, had a hilarious conversation with her husband about said Numb Nuts Cream, and decided to make it into a video. Watch and giggle.

gloss48 Numb Nuts from gloss48 on Vimeo.

It’s Go Time: Just DAYS Until Our Re-launch!

October 14, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Only A FEW DAYS until our re-launch! I can’t believe I’m no longer saying “weeks,” but DAYS! If you haven’t signed up for exclusive access to the soft launch of Gloss48 yet, now is your last chance! I’m not at liberty to reveal the brands that we’ll be featuring on the big day, but I can tell you this: we’re offering plenty of all-natural skincare that will change your life. I’ve been trying out samples, and my skin is softer and clearer than ever before. And most unbelievably, I am no longer shiny, but have a lovely glow instead! I never thought I’d say it, but my BB cream is actually gathering dust. I don’t even need it anymore. As if that’s not enough, we’ll also have a groundbreaking product that’s soon-to-be-featured on the Shark Tank: Dr. Edna Ma’s BareEASE Prep Kits, which come with numbing cream and a latex panty, and make waxing totally ouchless! That’s another life changer, right there. Oh, and fear not makeup mavens: there will be no shortage of cosmetics. We’ll have tons and tons of amazing, high-quality makeup with serious staying power. And did we mention that all of this will all be ON SALE? We know, we are pretty cool. Sign up here if ya know what’s good for ya, and stay tuned–we’re almost there!

bare ease waxing prep kit dr. edna ma

See It FIRST: Essie’s Winter/Hiver 2013 Collection

October 11, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Gloss48 has the privilege of sharing an office space with Manicube, a start-up that sends manicurists to your office space so you can conveniently primp at your desk. Amazing, right? I personally have very little desire to frequent my local nail salons, which are often very cramped and pretty much always smell like feet. Not to mention the fact that it’s a total time saver! Never again will I attend a meeting with chipped polish. Phew!

Today I was wondering about Essie’s winter collection aloud, and the best thing happened. Boston’s Manicube manager, Annie Grayson Ode, popped her head up from behind her desk and said, “Oh, I have a closet full of nail polish, let me go and grab you Essie’s Winter 2013!” Um, okay!

Closets full of samples are the kind of thing I envisioned for myself when I first took this job, and immediately read Jean Godfrey June’s Free Gift With Purchase to prepare myself for the glamour to come. (Jean Godfrey June is the Beauty Director at Lucky, and an amazing writer! Her book was a very quick, hilarious read.) So far, we have a drawer full of samples, but every day we’re receiving more! My job is becoming more chic by the second, and I have to say I’m quite pleased.

And by the way, Essie’s very own website has not featured the Winter 2013 collection yet! So be impressed.

Alright, enough shameless bragging. Without further adieu, here it is . . .

essie winter 2013 nail polish collection

Left to right: Toggle to the Top, Shearling Darling, Mind Your Mittens, Sable Collar

And below, here is my attempt to show you what these colors look like when applied. Hopefully it gives you an idea!

essie winter collection3

What do we think, ladies? While I love all of these colors and would definitely rock them, I also feel like it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I’m still obsessing over Essie’s For the Twill of It and OPI’s Peace and Love–I love that they work as neutrals but are absolutely striking and a little bit bad@$$. Everyone has their own theory when it comes to nails, but that’s usually what I go for: striking and bad@$$. If a guy compliments me on the color and says it’s “cool,” I consider my mission accomplished. Plus, I think it is a good contrast to my personal style, which is uber fem, flowy, and boho. I need a little edge, but I’m not about to get a pixie cut and start wearing motorcycle boots, so I use my mani. Ya dig? Anyway, I’d love to get your thoughts! How would you describe your nail style? What do you think of these colors? Oh, and Happy Friday!

Autumn Renewal: The Prettiest, Most Velvety Hand Creams

October 9, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

I must be getting old. Up until now, I was baffled about why people needed, wanted, and used hand creams. But ever since the weather changed, my hands have been as parched and chalky as the day is long.  My first thought was that I’ll just snag something trusty and dependable like Aquaphor, which is famous for healing severely dry, cracked skin and even tattoos. But then I started thinking–I’ll probably want one to keep on my nightstand, and another one to keep at my desk, and ideally I’d like both of these places to be stylish, inspiring, and personalized. I’ve noticed that some nightstands have a tendency to look like a hospital patient’s bedside table–mugs of tea, tissues, vitamins, Advil. It’s kind of depressing, isn’t it? A big ol’ jar of Aquaphor would definitely only exacerbate this, so I’m switching sides. I went on a mission to find a few hand creams that meet four criteria: number one, they bring a little something extra to my space, and don’t have to be crammed in a drawer. Two, they moisturize (duh), three, they pass the doorknob test (if I have to use my sleeve to open doors because my hands are too greasy, they’re OUT!), and four, they smell divine–because when I apply my hand cream, I want to feel like I’m going on a tiny vacation, or at least a trip to the spa. I know L’Occitane is the obvious destination for fancy hand creams (or “crèmes” as they’re often called–why is that, by the way?) but I’m the hunt for something a little less run-of-the-mill.

style your nightstand

This beautifully styled nightstand from is my inspo.

Lollia is first on my list, because this packaging is just out-of-control pretty. If i could use this beautiful blue feather print as wallpaper, I would. And these hand creams know they’re gorgeous; each one has a description of the design details along with the fragrance notes. This one (named “Calm”) features, “Delicate floating feathers on a field of cerulean blue” and has notes of, “Serene meadows of blooming Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetiver and fresh cut Iris, cooled by setting Citrus sunlight and delicate floral waters.” WOW. Did they hire a romance novelist as a copywriter? I’m not even mad, I’m impressed! I have to say, everything this brand is doing is working for me. hand cream lollia If you’re not the kind of girl who worships a flowery, colorful bottle, I Coloniali’s is sleek and spa-like. But I chose this one for the formula. As you may know, our CEO Jill is the founder of Miniluxe, an incredibly luxurious chain of nail and waxing salons in and around Boston, so they know a thing or two about hand cream. This one is Jill’s absolute favorite–she says the texture is spectacular and feels exactly like velvet. The active ingredient is rice bran oil, which the brand says, “has always been regarded as a vital and precious element in South-East Asia, and since ancient times this beneficial ingredient has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetic products. Its extract has renowned soothing, protective and velveting properties.” Welp, I whipped out my debit card before I even finished reading that.hand cream colonialiJurlique’s packaging is elegant and simplistic, and so are their scents: citrus, lavender, and rose. Rose smells exactly like a fresh cut rose, which some reviewers call “old lady-ish.” I don’t really get that. When I smell a rose, I don’t think of an old lady. I’m usually thinking something like, “Wow, this smells great, I wonder if I should forgive my boyfriend for being an @$$ now. Maybe I can get him to cook me dinner too! Am I pushing my luck? All he did was suggest that I come jogging with him…” Anyway, Jurlique is free of all the gross stuff like parabens, synthetics, and petro-chemicals, and it’s deeply nourishing and not greasy at all. hand cream jurliqueTokyo Milk: Could this packaging me any more adorable? I’m in love. Now, to be perfectly frank, I haven’t gotten my hands on this one yet, so I cannot give you a review of the scent or the texture in good conscience, but what I can tell you is that it’s sold at Neiman Marcus and that people love it. And really, how could you not? You could fill this bottle with slimy goop that smells like dead grasshoppers and I would still probably wear it. Actually, speaking of a hand cream that smells like dead grasshoppers, I received this Burt’s Bees one as a gift and cannot get past the scent–it’s so distinct and recognizable! If you’re wondering what dead grasshoppers smell like, they smell exactly like your hands do after a night of catching lightening bugs. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry–I grew up in Illinois. That is what we did for fun. But just take it from me, it’s real, real bad. hand cream tokyo milk 1

And by the way, I think hand creams are a lovely gift, especially for the lady who stumps you every year. Mother-in-law? Check. Grandma? Check. Your kid’s teacher? Check. Your hairstylist? Check. Just make sure the woman is at least 26, because apparently that is when your hands lose their luster and start taking cues from the Sahara. I wonder what’s next to look forward to . . . bunions? Long, wiry chin hairs? Ah, the joys of womanhood.

It’s Almost Time!

October 7, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Only a couple of weeks until our re-launch, everyone! We are beyond excited! We absolutely cannot wait for you to fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally get to experience our beautiful and incredibly user-friendly new site. And of course, we are especially psyched to finally reveal the amazing beauty brands and groundbreaking new products we’ve discovered!

All I have to say is: Get. Pumped.

In the meantime, invite your friends to join Gloss48 now. You can send everyone you know a $5 credit (on us!), and they’ll all get exclusive, VIP access to our soft launch. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on the brands we’re featuring that week!

Can you tell how hard it is for me to keep this under wraps? We all know I’m not good at keeping secrets. I mean, every single time I uncover a beauty secret, I immediately post about it here, lucky for you! But anyway, I better sign off before I spoil the surprise!

Oh, and if you’ve been living under a rock and have somehow missed the news about the wonders of Gloss48, sign up here immediately. Right now. Go. This site will be your new best friend–a digital beauty playground where you connect with the hottest must-have niche brands and products. Yep, it’s finally time to say adios to the same old boring brands owned by the same old boring beauty conglomerates. (I’m not naming names, but you’re smelling what I’m cookin’, right?) Gloss48 features hard-to-find, luscious new items every day, and we offer them to you at a promotional price. This gives you the chance to discover your next obsession without breaking the bank. You can thank me later.

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Beauty Innovation: The Best Blowdryers on the Market

October 4, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Man oh man. I have been using the same old hairdryer for years, and I thought it was the kind of thing where if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Literally. If it wasn’t physically broken, I thought I was in the clear. I figured that all kinds of heat damaged hair equally, so why not use my trusty old Conair 1875 Ion Shine?

But lately I’ve been hearing people talking about their amazing new luxury hairdryers, and how much of a difference they’ve made. I finally decided to look into it for myself (and for you). As my hairdresser was working his magic on my locks last night, I decided to grill him. Are these pricey, high-tech dryers worth it, or are they really, just . . . a bunch of “hot air”? (Pretty excited about that pun, I’m not gonna lie.)

According to Andrew, “This is one of the few cases where I truly believe that you get what you pay for.” He basically told me, if your hair dryer cost under $60, toss it NOW. Here’s why: cheapo hair dryers tend to get very hot, but they don’t produce a very strong “blow.” Thus, it takes longer to dry your hair, meaning more heat damage. You’re basically cooking your hair: stop it! The higher-quality your hairdryer, the less time you spend drying your hair. The less time you spend drying your hair, the less you’re damaging it, and the more time you have for other, more important things. Like lip liner. (Does anyone have time for lip liner? That’ll be the day.)

Now, there are some hairdryers on the market that actually claim make your hair smoother, shinier, and healthier. This is the kind of thing where you need to follow the “*” to the bottom of the box. What they are actually saying is that your hair will be healthier than it would be if you used a cheapo hairdryer on the reg. If you really want to show your mane some love, let it air dry every now and then, or just don’t wash it so often.

One more thing: Andrew said that anything over $250 is just cray cray. You only get what you pay for to an extent. Fancy features like infrared light, Tourmaline technology, and negative ions are not total baloney, but they will only take you so far. Some dryers even have blue, ultra violet light to “kill bacteria.” Seems excessive, no? How much bacteria do we have in our hair right after we wash it? Andrew warned me not to be fooled by scientific malarkey. Stay focused: the key is to get a powerful dryer that gets the job done as quickly as possible, and preferably one that has a medium heat setting (not just hot and cool), which is a great option for someone who wants to minimize damage but still desires sleek, silky results.

Alright, here we go. The universe of high-tech hairdryers is expansive, as it turns out, so it took me a few solid hours of creeping around on the World Wide Web to decide upon my top picks. These are my top three dryers:

1. Anyone who knows anything about hairdryers has heard of it: the Super Solano ($130), which “delivers extreme power to dry hair, up to 35% faster than conventional dryers.” My hairdresser says he’s been using this for years and years and has no plans to switch it up. Fans say it drys frizzy hair so well that they don’t have to follow with a straightener. Amazing. The only con here is that it’s notoriously heavy, but I kind of like that. Why not force yourself to get a nice little arm workout in each morning? (I’ll do anything to avoid the gym.)

super solano hair dryer

2. The T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer ($200) claims to be, “healthier than air drying.” What?! I had to investigate. They say this dryer uses “T3 Tourmaline®, a patented infusion process that emits negative ions and infrared heat for faster, healthier drying.” In addition, ionic technology “breaks down water molecules for faster drying and helps smooth the hair cuticle,” while ceramic infrared energy “heats hair evenly from the inside out for faster drying and lasting results.” What do we think, people? Are we buying this? Even though my guru of a hairstylist specifically told me that this is basically BS . . . I gotta say, it’s working on me. I’m seriously tempted. All who review this dryer say they don’t know how they ever lived without it. Oh, and as you may have guessed from the name, this one is a little bit of a lighter load.

t3 featherweight 2 dryer hairdryer

3. The Drybar Buttercup ($190) is cute and yellow. I love it all already. Plus, I love Drybar, and I trust that they know a good hairdryer when they see one. I mean, these people don’t do anything besides blowouts. They say this guy has, “an ultrapowerful motor to get the job done fast and efficiently, and conditioning nano beads to seal cuticles, leaving hair noticeably silky, smooth, and frizz-free.” No nonsense here, and I’m into it. One reviewer who has tried it all wrote, “This dryer is powerful and leaves hair full of volume which even the T3 didn’t do!”

dry bar buttercup hairdyer

Anyone else have an incredible dryer? I’ve read mixed reviews about dryers by CHI, Jose Eber, Harry Josh, and Babyliss, and I would love to get your input. Also–has anyone tried the Sedu Icon Privé, sold at Neiman Marcus for $700? I’m curious to know: does it also wash your hair, apply your makeup, and make you coffee?

Tutorial Time: Victoria Secret Hair in 28 Minutes

October 2, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” -Damian, on Gretchen Weiners (Mean Girls–duh)

My hair is superfine, superlong, and stick-straight. If I can get mine to look big and fluffy, anyone can. And I mean AN-Y-ONE. Allow me to walk you through my foolproof process, which looks a little something like this:


1. Wash your hair. Some people don’t like to wash their hair on days that they are curling it, because they say dirty hair holds a curl better. I am not one of these people. I like my hair to be spick-and-span on special occasions, and if I’m styling my hair, you better believe it’s a special occasion. However, I do use one trick: condition hair before you shampoo it. My theory? The less product weighing my hair down, the bigger it will be.

~Apply a Root Lifting Spray: spritz roots 5-10 times and then comb through. Try Blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate, which uses a mixture of rice, sweet almond, and milk to invigorate your mane and take your hair to brand new heights.

~Apply Living Proof Prime Style Extender, which primes and protects your hair. This product will change your life, and there isn’t really anything else like it on the market…yet. Living Proof was created by a team of MIT professors who wanted to create a brand that could keep hydrogen bonds in place, but we won’t get into the scientific mumbo jumbo.  What I will say is this: it’s as if you have an incredibly thin shield around each strand. Nothing can penetrate it–not even even oil from your scalp or the worst dirt and smog, so you can wait longer between shampoos and touch up less frequently. The claim is that your hairstyle will last twice as long; I’d say it’s more like 1.5 X as long, but that’s still pretty amazeballs. Plus, I’ve noticed it seems to speed up my blow-drying time, which is always great.

2. Dry your hair. Everyone’s got their own technique here, and I personally have yet to conquer the round brush. 😦 It’s a sore subject. I just can’t. My hair seems to hate it! (Ahem, I’d love some advice in this department!) So, all I do is flip my head upside down (which is great for volume!) and I stay upside down until my hair is fully dry. Then, I flip back up and brush through any tangles.

3. Curl hair. I’m still using Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron Rod, even though I’m head over heels in love with the Babyliss Miracurl Nano Titanium, which I reviewed here. I just can’t justify having two curling irons that each cost almost $200, but maybe someday. That’s how I’ll know I’ve made it. Anyway, pick your poison–if you’re a total novice and have no clue how to curl your hair, the Miracurl requires no skill whatsoever and is an absolute cinch. The Sultra is a little more complex, but still totally manageable.

4. Flip head upside down and change your part a little bit. I have a name for this–the Flip and Re-part. Then, apply a Volumizing Cream of some sort. I’m in love with Amp² Instant Texture Volumizer. Instructions say to rub a “dime size” amount evenly between hands, and use fingertips to work it into your hair from the roots to the mid-shaft in an upward motion. However, I use a quarter size. Dime size is for beginners. Now just run your fingertips through your curls and mess them up a bit so you don’t look like a weirdo! The point is to look like you rolled out bed with naturally huge, sexy, gorgeous curls, even though it actually takes exactly 28 minutes to achieve (I timed myself today).

5. Leap for joy! You have big hair.

What do you think? Anyone out there know how to use a round brush and care to explain? I’d love to hear your thoughts on big hair and how to achieve it.

Grow Up and Get an Eye Cream

September 30, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Is it ever too early to start using eye cream? For a while I convinced myself that I’m in my twenties and I probably shouldn’t be messing with that stuff yet. My logic was that if I start too early, I might build up a resistance to the active ingredients. Then, when I really needed it, I would be immune. I know, I’m kind of an expert at making excuses that provide reasoning for why I shouldn’t be doing something. For example, I really shouldn’t go running because it’s like, a very high-impact activity and I know a lot of girls who have developed knee problems from it. It’s bad for you, actually, when you really think about it. Ha.

But today is the day this nonsense ends, once and for all. First off, I’m going on my first real run tomorrow morning. (What?! I was tired this morning!) And second, I’ve ordered an eye cream that is all set to arrive at my door this evening. I spent my lazy Sunday eating delicious freshly-picked apples, laying in my hammock, and google-ing the best ingredients for the undereye region. Here’s what I found.


The first step is to identify which type of problem you’ve got going on beneath your peepers. If you don’t have any problems, I think you’re probably lying, but I invite you to stop reading here because you’re practically perfect in every way. Congrats! For the rest of us, let’s figure this out.

Blue or green circles (picture my hand shooting up!): Luckily I’m not dealing with the next three issues just yet, but this one is unfortunately one of the more difficult issues to treat. These kind of dark circles simply mean your that blood is showing through your skin. Blood pools up here, especially when you’ve been lying down for a while, and since the skin is super thin, we can see it. As we age, we lose more and more fat under the eye, making the skin even thinner and the blueness more and more obvious. Joy. The best way to deal is by using Retinol, which is basically the best thing ever and your skin’s new best friend. My dermatologist is obsessed, and he told me that the results are unbelievable. He said that there were tons of women who used Retinol on their faces for years and have gorgeous skin, but they forgot their necks–and their necks are disasters. It was obviously a mistake, but it ended up proving the amazing difference that Retinol makes. Basically, Retinol contains Vitamin A derivatives that clear your skin, speed cell turnover, and boost collagen production. Collagen production under the eye is perfect for the girl comme moi, who needs to thicken up that zone.

*HOWEVER, if you have sensitive skin, you are going to have to ease into this big time. Retinol can cause redness, dryness, and flakiness, and many people jump ship early because they can’t deal with the initial reaction. The key is to begin by using it only every third night, then increase to every other, and eventually use each night.  If you hang in there long enough to let your skin adapt, you’ll see the amazing results. Slow and steady wins the race, girlfriend–don’t forget it! Now, if you absolutely refuse to deal with Retinol, your best bet is going to be a product containing peptides and hyaluronic acid, which will plump the skin similarly.*

Fine lines: Retinol is great for fine lines too, since it speeds up cell turnover. Think of it as a chemical peel that’s happening at a slower, less insane rate. According to, fine lines are, “about 20% genetic and 80% environmental (in other words, brought on by the sun and smoking).” Well, that’s kind of terrifying. I thought I was safe because my skin is oily. According to this article, the sun is the real culprit, so it’s key to wear a strong SPF–you know, the depressing ones that you can’t tan through. You already knew that. I already knew that. Why oh why do we still spend our summers laying out on the beach? Will we ever learn?!

Dark skin or Age Spots: Okay, I made a huge mistake here. I confused my blue circles for dark skin, and started using Murad’s Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment religiously for months and months. The blueness kept getting worse, so I applied more and more product. Eventually I figured it out–I was bleaching my skin! This product is for people whose actual skin beneath their eyes is dark (generally, this is a common problem for darker complexions), so I was doing the exact opposite of what I should have been doing. The thing is, its claim is that it “reduces dark circles by 59%.” Not really very clear. But what I can say is that this product works–the skin under my eyes was a strange combination of paper white and completely transparent, so I know the active ingredient, which is 1.5% Hydroquinone, is totally effective. What it can do, very well, is lighten melanin-based skin discolorations. What it can’t do is address blood vessels showing through the skin. Lesson learned.

Puffiness: For some strange reason (and hey, I’m not complaining), this has never been an issue for me, even after a wine-filled evening. My boyfriend, however, will have a few drinks and wake up looking like someone injected him in his sleep. He’ll have two perfectly puffy little pillows under each eye, and while I find it kind of adorable, he does not. The benefit of dating a Beauty Correspondent? I treat his eyes like they’re my own. I’ve tried all sorts of little samples on him, and what I’ve discovered is that the best way to reduce puffiness is to use a gel or serum with a cooling effect, which also feels really nice.  You can do this by refrigerating it, or by purchasing one that comes with a metal applicator, or (ideally) doing both. As of late, we’ve been using “Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate.” While its name is just absurdly, outrageously, laughably fancy, I have to it admit it works like a charm. But after reviewing the ingredients, I’ve come to the conclusion that I think it’s just because of the coolness. A cold, wet rag or some cucumber slices would be just as effective. The one ingredient that is said to make a difference is caffeine because it tightens the skin while simultaneously addressing the fluid retention, so that’s next on our list to try. (Jon, please don’t kill me for revealing all this to the world.)

Those were my findings, but like I said, I’m new to the eye cream scene, so I’m curious: what are your favorite ingredients and products for addressing  the dreaded undereye region?

How to Get Big, Bodacious, Beautiful Brows

September 27, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

“Why let someone else do for you what you can do yourself? …Except in the case of eyebrow maintenance.” -Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Ladies, I cannot stress enough the importance of the eyebrows. Bad brows can ruin an entire face–and really, take it from me, because I used to have this problem. Take a look:

brittany fischer bad eyebrows2

I know, I know–it was high school! Leave me alone! I figured it out eventually, and here’s how:

According to every diagram I’ve ever seen about eyebrows, you should start by taking a pencil and holding it straight against your nostril. Your eyebrow should come all the way out to touch the pencil without going beyond it. It’s that simple! But some of us aren’t as lucky as the lovely Cara Delevingne. Poor unfortunate souls!

Luckily there are plenty of ways to deal. My philosophy is, “Fake it ’til you make it,” which is to say: fill ’em in until you grow ’em in.

To fake it: There are a few ways to do it. If you are in a situation as dismal as I was in the photo above, you’re going to need a pencil or a shadow. And if you’re worried about drawing on your skin (it is a little bewildering, I know) a stencil is ideal. Anastasia makes a lovely stencil kit that goes for $20. Just find the shape that best matches your brows, and go ahead–fill ’em in! The key is to always go lighter than you think you should, both in terms of the shade and in terms of the amount you apply–this is a high risk endeavor, and if you fail, you will look like a clown. I use Anastasia’s brow pencil in the lightest shade available–it used to be called Ash Blonde but now it’s called Cool Taupe. I think it’s because they realized certain brunettes should be using that shade too. In general, I would warn against trying to match your eyebrows to your hair color; it’s really more about matching it to your skin tone, and the best way to figure it out is through trial and error. Now, if the shape of your eyebrows is okay, but they’re just  a little patchy, you’ve got it easy. All you really need to do is grab a Tinted Brow Gel, which looks a little like mascara. The process is similar too, just swipe the wand along your brows and voilà!

eyebrow stencils

Now comes the hard part. To make it: First, toss your tweezers. I know, you refuse, right? Then listen to me–if you’re keeping your tweezers in your bathroom, you have to SWEAR only to use them for the most absurdly out-of-place hairs! While you’re growing in your brows, they are going to look a little bit patchy and a lot bit awkward, and you just have to be willing to endure that. It’s worth it. Okay? Okay. I’m trusting you on this. For some of us, beautiful brows will grow in the second we stop plucking ourselves to death. Others have been cursed with waify little brows that simply refuse to fill out. If this sounds familiar, don’t fret. The second step is to purchase a growth serum of some sort. Several of my girlfriends and I have used NeuBrow and it truly worked wonders for each of us, but you have to be adamant about applying every single morning and night. It takes 5 seconds and it makes a world of difference. I don’t think the specific serum really matters–the formulas seem to be pretty similar across the board. I’ve also heard wonderful things about M2Brows and RapidBrow. Lash serums work too: Peter Thomas Roth makes a great one, and there’s always Latisse if you’re willing to splurge.

If you keep it up and don’t give up, you’ll see results! Seriously, here’s proof:

brittany fischer eyebrowsMuch better, aren’t they? I’m now going to try to grow them even FULLER. Yep, you heard me. Here’s my inspiration, courtesy of Cara’s Facebook page:

cara delevingne

What do you think? Can I do it? Should I do it? If you have any thoughts, let’s hear them!

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